Injection Molding

Injection Molding

• We use patented and proprietary technologies to make plastics stronger.
• Our plastic pellets have carbon fiber, making us one among a handful of companies in the world.

We can strengthen HDPE, PP, Nylon, ABS, PEI and other thermoplastics.
• The resins are manufactured specific to part requirement.
• We promote sustainability by recycling and reusing carbon fiber in our resins and also by using
recycled resin for some applications.

We can produce fiber reinforced plastics using any thermoplastic resins.
Our materials have been proved to be drop-in material and can be used without making any changes to
the existing molding machines and injection molding tools.
Parts manufactured using Shockers’ materials have been proved to reduce warranty costs.

How can we work together?
• Identify a plastic part that has high failure or high replacement cost or needs to be made
• Send us part drawings for review.
• We work with your engineering to understand part requirements.
• We formulate and manufacture engineered resin specific to application and work closely with
your team for testing and manufacturing.
• We can work with your molder or can deliver parts using our own injection molding partner.


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